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【 DOBO Racing】Double day is coming! Super-burning karts detonate speed and passion! waiting for you~

Time:2021-12-24 00:00:00




Christmas this year falls on Saturday

New Year's Day is approaching

Great holiday is coming

Because of the repeated outbreak of the epidemic

You must be wondering where to spend your time?                    

DOBO Racing Karting Hall is coming!                    




More than just cool cars

There are many like-minded friends

Everyone can make an appointment to form a team competition

Every child has the same starting line and finish line in front of them

Step on the accelerator and set off towards the finish line!

Detonate the speed and passion!

Sit tight and laugh at the king to see who competes with each other!




Look at these two heroic little friends,

Wear a special protective helmet,

Wearing a sassy and A racing suit

Incarnate into the god of autumn famous mountain bikes,

Freewheeling, cornering overtaking, rapid drifting, and speeding up

Mercedes-Benz on the track

Kids can be in the Fast and the Furious

Perceive the charm of racing culture

Exercise fearless courage

Increase your confidence in dealing with others!




A variety of models to choose from

hot crazy red

Low-key and connotative blue


DOBO Racing

5KM/15KM/25KM three-speed adjustable,

Go beyond, fearlessly collide

Make smart turns and show your super skills!

Let this double dan burn!




If you are concerned about security?

DOBO Racing speed adjustable

Vehicle configuration seat belt

Anti-collision foam is installed on the steering wheel

Has a national utility model patent

Remote control electromagnetic brake

Each car is equipped with crash bars

The parent holds the remote control to control the brakes

Serious and responsible coaches are also on call at all times

keep children safe,

We are on top of it!






This double day,

Let your child become the coolest little racer in the circle of friends!

DOBO Racing Karting Hall walk up

Dad tried hard to cheer,

Mom pats and pats!









Come join the DOBO Racing partner!                                                            


DOBO Racing is currently conducting pre-promotion, absorbing agents, various cooperation models (can be launched on a pilot basis, can be shared by joint ventures, and can support operations), and the prices are very favorable.


Tel: 18066211888 (same number on WeChat)

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