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2017 Cool Kids Cars - Fast and Furious for Kids

Time:2022-04-13 17:02:03

Spy MGT was developed and designed in 2014, after 3 years of continuous precipitation and testing. It will finally be officially unveiled in September 2017.

MGT will be put in various supermarkets, squares, kindergartens, kart halls, playgrounds, etc. Merchants from all walks of life are welcome to inquire about related matters.

Specific parameters:

Motor: 350w brushless motor

Battery: 12A, 20A, 40A optional

Body: 100% ABS

Speed: stepless speed regulation (0-30km/h)

Endurance: 0-100km optional

Color: regular can be specified

Anti-collision: high-strength double-layer anti-collision strip and anti-collision sleeve

Children of school age: 3-10 years old

Brake: Foot brake + remote control electronic brake

Other configuration: with timing, counting effect, power display. Mobile APP, can remotely control all locomotives


Contact: 18066211888 (the same number as V letter)