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DOBO Racing--Domestic professional children's racing

Time:2022-04-13 17:04:37

DOBO Racing--the domestic professional children's racing car

Models of DOBO Racing:


The Safety of DOBO Racing

When it comes to racing, everyone thinks of speed and danger, but our cars are designed for children and the safety measures are very good.

First of all, the speed of DOBO Racing can be adjusted, and there are three speeds of 5KM/15KM/25KM that can be set to adapt to children with different proficiency levels. Second, the vehicle is equipped with seat belts. Third, there is an anti-collision sponge installed on the steering wheel. Fourth, the remote control electromagnetic brake with a national utility model patent can be effectively controlled within a distance of 50 meters. Parents hold the remote control to control the brakes to prevent collisions caused by children's driving errors. Fifth, the Treasure Hunter is equipped with bumper bars. A collision with a vehicle will not tip the car over, damage the vehicle and cause secondary injury to the child.

Parameters of DOBO Racing




Where to use the DOBO Racing

1. Open space in shopping malls 2. Karting track 3. Open space in tourist attractions 4. Children's amusement park 5. Open space in parks

The approximate area required is: more than 500 square meters


Why Invest in DOBO  Kid's Racing

1. Children's amusement equipment lacks novelty, playability, participation and experience. Children need new play equipment with high playability.

2. There is currently a lack of professional children's racing venues in China, but some people have begun to invest in this project in first-tier cities, and the number of investors is increasing, and the investment area is also increasing.

3. Small investment, large profit and high return on investment.

4. The project is novel and the competition is small.


DOBO Racing is currently in the early stage of promotion, attracting agents, various cooperation models (can be piloted, can be joint venture, can support operations), the price is very favorable, please consult the sales manager of DOBO Racing, welcome to call

Contact: 18066211888 (same number on WeChat)